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Updated: Aug 29, 2018

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I find that many new clients who are having their first reading are scared that they are disturbing their friends and family that have passed on by having a reading. It just isn't the case at all. Not only are they happy to be there, but they will often come back again and again in future readings. Whenever I read someone again, I will always ask that if any of the same people are going to come through in the reading that was there in the prior reading to please provide different evidential information. I want to make sure that my client knows it is them and I want to know there is a clear connection with concrete evidence. What I am always amazed by is that they do always come in with different information. Last week I even had a client who literally asked for her mom to bring a code word through so she knew it was her since we have done a few readings before. And guess what? She did. They won't always be able to get that specific thing through so it doesn't mean you should ever expect something specific from them. But, they do try and many times a spirit will bring in something you hoped to hear from them. They want to communicate just as much as you do and they do hear you.

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