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Past Life Readings in Dallas, TX.
Psychic Vision Donna Taylor.

Past Life Readings Can Help You In This Life

At a young age,  my grandmother a fifth-generation psychic began my psychic apprenticeship spiritual journey for many years and asking questions about why things are the way they are. Like most people, I grew up with my own challenges, and struggles and confronted them early on in my life. I felt a deep connection with people I met and gave readings to which fueled my studies about the purpose and meaning behind life. This led to exploring past lives.  


Drawing from evolutionary astrology, which is based on the belief in reincarnation and past lives, I believe that our repetitive patterns stem from having lifetimes of pain and trauma. Over these lifetimes, we collect various positive and negative experiences. The traumatic experiences are the ones that tend to stay with us the longest, leaving behind the strongest energetic imprint on our souls. This energetic imprint, if not addressed, is carried over from life to life.  



Psychic Lady

Evolutionary astrology offers us a way to identify the core karmic imprint that our soul chose to bring into this lifetime, giving us the opportunity to learn from it by making different choices and having new experiences, setting us free from repeating it once again. By locating the nodal axis of the moon and the Pluto placement in your chart, you can gain an understanding of what areas of life and challenges will be confronted on a daily basis in order to evolve your soul.   


For example, someone with Pluto in Libra will be working out karma around the issue of power and powerlessness in relationships, along with a generation of souls. This information is very helpful to someone who is concerned about the pattern of abuse present in their relationships/family and struggles with being in their own power.  


We choose to work out our core karmic and past life issues with the relationships that are the closest and most intense. We make agreements and contracts with souls who also want to work on specific issues, like power in relationships. Usually, these are the souls that become your parents, siblings, and partners. Depending on who wants to learn what, each soul chooses to play a role. For example, your father decides to play the oppressor and you decide to play the victim, all for the purpose of both people understanding what it’s like to be on either side of the dynamic. In a prior life, the roles may have been reversed and your father was the victim and you were the abuser.   


When we look at life from this standpoint, it allows us to not blame ourselves or others for what we have endured and shared. Rather, see it as whatever we are experiencing with others is needed for everyone to grow by living through it. This is why souls often choose to have multiple lifetimes focused around a centralized theme, to fully understand and evolve by experiencing various sides of the situation. Seeing the big picture, the soul can then neutralize the karma and learn from the choices and consequences of all lives, thus transforming its relationship to personal power.  


This highlights the great potential and possibility for soul growth and evolution that is available to us all. We are surrounded by a world of support that shows up with every interaction. The daily replay of karma is a gift and opportunity to choose differently, to learn, and to heal. There are no mistakes—everything has a purpose, mainly to assist our unique soul's journey back to the source and creator. 



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